Monday, March 23, 2015

My Cesar Millan Moments

I watch Cesar Millan’s shows about dogs.  I’m a fan of his and I like all the dogs, except the ones that bite.  When he says, don’t try this at home, you can be sure I usually don’t.

But when Cleo, small and fluffy with surprisingly big teeth, claimed the turkey carcass at Christmas, I had to do something.  She growled at me ferociously as I bravely put my foot on top of the garbage bag containing her treasure.

It was only when her teeth were a few inches from my toes that I remembered Cesar always wears shoes.  Not to be intimidated, I waited for her to stop.  Then I got tired.  It’s hard to stand on one leg for any length of time so I changed feet.  This seemed to give Cleo hope that I’d give up soon.

A flash from a camera told me I had an audience.  All my Christmas guests had crowded in to see me win or lose.  A minute, then two minutes, I had to change feet again.  Then suddenly Cleo sat back and I slipped my foot between her and the turkey.  Like magic she saw I’d won and quietly let me claim it.  After that she let me take anything from her when I wanted to.  Thank you, Cesar!

My second dog story takes place outdoors.  A hamburger place where dogs are welcome to sit outside with their owners.  I went with a friend, our dogs were quietly waiting in the shade under the table.  Ten feet away in a car stood a small dog with its head out the window, barking furiously.  I said to my friend, Cesar would say if we don’t speak but hold out our arms with palms towards the dog, it should know we want him to be quiet.  We tried, though we felt a bit silly as we didn't think it would work for us.  The dog squeaked to a halt!  He stared at us bug-eyed, and then slid down low on the seat to hide.  Every now and then he’d give one little bark then raise his head so he could just peep to see if we were still there, then he’d settle down again.  We ate in peace.

Cesar is the best!

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