Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pipeline problem solved by romance writer

I know it is not sexy but I can't keep writing about the underwear men, sometimes I must help with important problems.  Besides, if there is really a battery lasting a thousand miles, it might make the pipeline problem go away on its own before I have time to solve it.  Except you have to keep filling that battery with water.   Wonder if it will work on icicles?  What happens in the frozen north?

Never mind!  Must keep my focus and get the pipeline problem solved in three sentences.

1.  No one is allowed to pipe oil anywhere in North America.

2.  Dig it up, pump it or scoop it, I don't care, but it must be used to generate electricity right there.

3.  Use the electrical grid to move electricity around, we do it all the time.

Don't moan about your car to me.  We are being green here!  Every time we need to move an underwear man from here to there, we must use electricity.  Everyone can do it, use your imagination!  I do hope the seats are heated, wouldn't want him to catch cold.

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