Friday, October 23, 2015

The Felmont Brides Series

There are so far two books in my Felmont Bride series.  The first is Lizzie Tempest Ruins A Viscount.  Lord Felmont marries Lizzie much against his will because who would want to marry someone who hates them?  In this book we discover that the Felmont males were usually not faithful, which accounts for their distinctive features being on many descendants not bearing the Felmont name. Angel Anston is one, the Duke of Saint Sirin is another. I am sure more will be discovered and have books of their own.

When female Felmonts marry, their sons sometimes inherit their distinctive features and get to star in a book. Lord Rupert's Foolish Bride is second in the Felmont Brides series. Angel Anston shows up there to make trouble.  Felmonts tend to be unpredictable and fearless. If they think someone needs killing or kidnapping, they are going to do it.

My next book is third in the series. Dare I say when to look for it? Better not tempt fate!

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