Friday, January 3, 2014

Trying to find a tag line for my books

Quirky characters fall in love in odd ways. Against all common sense, but then when did common sense have anything to do with love.

Weirdly engaging ones meet their doomWhich is how they might see their fate, the doom bit. I mean no one thinks they are weird, do they?  As for engaging, there is no pleasing everyone.

Some find love, others trip over it. Sometimes they are forced to marry because I made them do it. That’s right, blame the author, everyone does.

Some run away from love, others wish they had. Never mind! I can fix them, either way.

You might not love him at the start of the book. Let’s face it, you might not love him at the end, but the heroine will. Even if it is against her better judgment. She might have been trapped by pleasure, but only if I wrote the love scenes right. Please don’t tell me if I erred, I am shy and write them with my eyes closed. Maybe it is autocorrect that you should blame.

Still working on a tag line, have not got it right yet, at least I hope not.

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