Wednesday, March 23, 2011

how to vomit

Nora Roberts says she vomits her words on the page.  Most of us do not like to vomit.  We don't do it well and we are always disappointed with the results.

Having brought up the subject of vomit, do you know this good way to do it?  Assume the ready position in the washroom--you know what I mean--do not make me spell it out.  Oh very well, sit on it as if going to go.  Hold a large bowl on your knee.  Now you are ready for anything.

This advice came from a friend who called me the day after I’d visited her, to say the entire family was suffering from a severe, double-ended gastro.  (Double-ended means there are disastrous consequences if you are not using this advice.)  She said the ready position with bowl on knee was the best way to handle it.  She was right!

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