Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Angel of Death, don't sneeze on him, it might be fatal

The Angel of Death is a character from Lizzie Tempest Ruins a Viscount (first published as Every Midnight). No, he is not a real angel.  I promise my readers I'll try to write his story soon, if I can wrestle him into submission.  He is reluctant to change his status from virginal hero who saves women from men who harm them, to that of husband.  I even offered to let him kill someone, but he is sulking about the virginity thing, and it is difficult to get him to lust in that condition.

For some reason he is trying to appear in every book I write to try to kill the hero.  Someone else just won't do!  I managed to keep him out of Lord Jasper's Angel because I thought one angel per book was enough.  No, she is not a real angel either.  Well, there you have it, I like angels and noses.  It could be worse.

I even offered to lop a bit off the end of Angel's nose, with the magic of imagination.  But he says he likes it the way it is, and it keeps females at bay.  At least he's talking to me now.

I will give updates on his condition as his day of reckoning nears.

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